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Are you ready for the 2022 megaquiz?

By David, 5 January 2022 Quiz

Time for some super science trivia! This quiz has a selection from all the trivia questions we wrote in 2021. And if you’re hankering for more, you can get a new set of questions by reloading this web page!


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#1. CSIRO has two major scientific collections in Hobart. One is the Australian National Fish Collection, but what is the other one?

The Australian National Algae Culture Collection is in Hobart. The other collections are in Canberra.

#2. What kind of samples are kept in a herbarium?

The Australian National Herbarium has more than a million plant specimens, as well as lichens, fungi, slime moulds and algae.

#3. What’s the name for new land and islands that form at the mouth of a river?

A river delta is formed when sand, silt and other sediments collect at the mouth of a river. It’s called a delta because some deltas are shaped like a capital delta: Δ.

#4. Which of these minerals is the softest?

In order from softest to hardest, it’s talc, quartz, topaz, and diamond.

#5. How many ribs do people typically have?

Most people have 12 pairs of ribs, but some people have more or fewer ribs.

#6. In several billion years, our Sun will evolve. What type of star will it turn into?

When our Sun starts to run out of hydrogen fuel, it will grow immensely and turn red. It will likely envelop the planets Mercury and Venus.

#7. What event created the mountain Parícutin in the years 1943–52?

In 1943, a Mexican farmer noticed a smoking hole in his field. Over the next 9 years, Parícutin erupted again and again, growing to 424 metres high!

#8. What metal element is found in magnetite?

Magnetite is an oxide of iron, and it’s a magnetic mineral. Magnets are named after the ancient Greek name for magnetite: lithos magnes.

#9. Which of the following rovers was the first to drive on an extraterrestrial body?

The Soviet rover Lunokhod 1 explored the Moon for 321 days in 1970 and 1971.

#10. Which space agency controls the Curiosity Mars rover?

NASA landed the car-sized Curisoity rover on Mars in 2012, and it’s been exploring ever since!

Was I right?

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