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Are you ready for the 2022 megaquiz?

By , 5 January 2022

Time for some super science trivia! This quiz has a selection from all the trivia questions we wrote in 2021. And if you’re hankering for more, you can get a new set of questions by reloading this web page!


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#1. Which of these foods typically includes gluten?

Gluten acts like a type of ‘glue’ that holds food together, and it can be found in wheat, barley and rye. While rye bread tends to have a lower gluten content, it’s not gluten free. If you need to avoid gluten, always check food labels as it can be found in unexpected places.

#2. Which of these minerals is the softest?

In order from softest to hardest, it’s talc, quartz, topaz, and diamond.

#3. If you use electricity to break water molecules apart, what chemicals do you end up with?

Water is made of hydrogen and oxygen atoms, and if you break it apart with electricity, you get oxygen gas and hydrogen gas.

#4. How many times does the International Space Station cross the Equator each time it does a full orbit of Earth?

The International Space Station’s orbit is a circle on an angle. Each orbit, it gets as far north as the United Kingdom, and further south than New Zealand!

#5. Which of the following rovers was the first to drive on an extraterrestrial body?

The Soviet rover Lunokhod 1 explored the Moon for 321 days in 1970 and 1971.

#6. What is NASA’s InSight lander currently measuring?

Since InSight landed on Mars in 2018, it has measured more than 500 marsquakes!

#7. Which part of your digestive system absorbs dietary fibre?

Dietary fibre is a part of plant-based food that your body can’t digest. It helps to keep your digestive system healthy

#8. Stromatolites might be the oldest fossils we’ve ever found, but what kind of life do they record?

Cyanobacteria colonies make strange, lumpy rocks called stromatolites.

#9. What shape is Pluto’s orbit around the Sun?

Pluto’s orbit is highly elliptical, so this dwarf planet’s orbit looks quite ‘squashed’ compared to many planets with more circular orbits.

#10. If you wanted to make a guitar string one octave lower, without making it thicker or looser, how much longer would it need to be?

To make a note one octave lower, the string needs to vibrate at half the frequency. To do that, it needs to be twice as long. In real life, bass guitars are usually a bit longer than guitars, but the strings also tend to be thicker and looser to reach those low notes!

Was I right?

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