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#1. How tall are the tallest trees in Tasmania?

The tallest trees in Tasmania are swamp gums, and they can grow more than 100 metres. That makes them some of the tallest trees in the world!

#2. Which of these is NOT a type of cloud?

Magnus is not a type of cloud.

#3. Which of these foods typically includes gluten?

Gluten acts like a type of ‘glue’ that holds food together, and it can be found in wheat, barley and rye. While rye bread tends to have a lower gluten content, it’s not gluten free. If you need to avoid gluten, always check food labels as it can be found in unexpected places.

#4. What’s the name of the line running across Australia that separates the tropics from the temperate zone?

The Tropic of Capricorn is the southernmost place where the Sun passes directly overhead. South of that, the Sun is always in the north.

#5. Why doesn’t sugar go mouldy?

Sugar, like salt, can pull water out of living cells in a process called osmosis.

#6. What kind of samples are kept in a herbarium?

The Australian National Herbarium has more than a million plant specimens, as well as lichens, fungi, slime moulds and algae.

#7. Which of the following tardigrade facts is false?

Some tardigrades can survive at temperatures of 150° C, but lava is much hotter, around 700° C–1,200° C.

#8. Which of the following worms is not an animal?

Ringworm is a fungus that infects skin and often makes a ring shape.

#9. If you wanted to make a guitar string one octave lower, without making it thicker or looser, how much longer would it need to be?

To make a note one octave lower, the string needs to vibrate at half the frequency. To do that, it needs to be twice as long. In real life, bass guitars are usually a bit longer than guitars, but the strings also tend to be thicker and looser to reach those low notes!

#10. How much of an iceberg is under water?

About 90% of an iceberg’s volume is underwater.

Was I right?

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