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2020 megaquiz is here!

By , 2 January 2020

Start the new decade with a challenge! This megaquiz will test your knowledge of all the quizzes we wrote in 2018. The questions are randomly selected, so if you want more questions, you can just reload the page. Or head back to our 2019 megaquiz!


Congratulations! you are a real science whiz!

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#1. What is Earth’s inner core made from?

Based on information such as seismic wave and magnetic field data, it’s believed that Earth’s inner core is mostly iron, a bit of nickel, and tiny amounts of other elements.

#2. If you increase the volume of a sound by 10 decibels, how much more power does it have?

A difference of 10 decibels means ten times more power.

#3. Which planet appears brightest in the night sky?

Venus, also known both as the morning star and the evening star, is the second brightest object in the night sky after the Moon.

#4. What’s the elemental symbol for potassium?

Potassium was sometimes called kalium, so its symbol is K.

#5. Which of these animals is most closely related to now extinct thylacines?

Genetic analysis has revealed that numbats are close relatives of thylacines.

#6. Which of the following is not a square number?

A square number is the result of a number multiplied by itself. 125 is 5 x 5 x 5, making it a cube number but not a square.

#7. Biceps can be found in arms, but where would you find triceps?

Triceps muscles are on the back of arms, opposite the biceps.

#8. Which of these big cat species is the heaviest?

The largest wild cat ever measured was a Bengal tiger, which weighed approximately 389 kilograms.

#9. What kind of lifeform are the super-resilient microscopic critters known as water bears or tardigrades?

Tardigrades are animals.

#10. How many stars are there in the Alpha Centauri system?

Alpha Centauri has two sun-like stars called Rigil Kentaurus and Toliman, and one red dwarf called Proxima Centauri.

Was I right?

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