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Start the new decade with a challenge! This megaquiz will test your knowledge of all the quizzes we wrote in 2018. The questions are randomly selected, so if you want more questions, you can just reload the page. Or head back to our 2019 megaquiz!


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#1. When water starts to freeze, what symmetry do the crystals typically show?

Water crystals, including snowflakes, are often hexagonal.

#2. There is one operational spacecraft orbiting Venus – what is its name?

Akatsuki has been orbiting Venus since 2015, studying the weather and climate.

#3. What type of animal is a manatee?

Manatees are aquatic mammals that look a bit like sea lions. However, they’re actually more closely related to elephants!

#4. If you increase the volume of a sound by 10 decibels, how much more power does it have?

A difference of 10 decibels means ten times more power.

#5. What was the first spacecraft to travel the 7.5 billion kilometres to visit Pluto?

New Horizons was launched in 2006 and made the first flyby of Pluto in 2015. It’s the only spacecraft that has visited Pluto.

#6. What kind of rock is coal?

Coal is formed from plant debris collecting and slowly turning into rock over millions of years.

#7. When measuring the pitch of a musical note, what unit do scientists use?

The pitch of a note is based on its frequency, which is measured in hertz.

#8. Which of these big cat species is the heaviest?

The largest wild cat ever measured was a Bengal tiger, which weighed approximately 389 kilograms.

#9. How wide is the Milky Way galaxy?

The Milky Way is approximately 100 000 light years across. That means it takes about 100 000 years for light to travel from one side of the galaxy to the other.

#10. Myxomatosis is very important for Australia’s economy, but what is it?

Myxomatosis was introduced to Australia in 1950 by the CSIRO to help control the estimated 600 million rabbits plaguing the country.

Was I right?

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