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2021 Megaquiz!

By David, 1 January 2021 Quiz

Here’s our megaquiz for the year! Below are 10 questions picked from every quiz we wrote in 2020. If you want more questions, just hit refresh and we’ll grab you another 10. Good luck!


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#1. Where would you find a mangrove forest?

Mangroves are shrubs and trees that grow in shallow water on the coast.

#2. What was the first type of bird to hatch in space?

In 1990, quail eggs hatched in the Soviet space station Mir.

#3. Which of the following elements is represented as P on the periodic table?

The letter P represents phosphorus. Potassium is K, polonium is Po, and tungsten is W.

#4. Which of the inner planets has the thickest atmosphere?

Venus’ atmosphere is very thick. At Venus’ surface, the atmosphere is about 100 times thicker than Earth’s at sea level.

#5. Which planet does the moon Mimas orbit?

Mimas is the innermost of Saturn’s major moons, and it’s famous for its gigantic crater.

#6. Plants use a chemical called chlorophyll to turn light into food energy, but what colour of light doesn’t get absorbed by chlorophyll?

Chlorophyll reflects green light instead of absorbing it, which is why leaves typically look green.

#7. New Zealand is a part of a giant, mostly undersea continent, half the size of Australia, but what is this continent called?

Zealandia, also known as Te Riu-a-Māui, was labelled a continent by a team of scientists in 2017, even though 94% of it is under the ocean.

#8. When a spider uses its silk to fly, what is it called?

Many spiders spool out one or more threads of silk, and float away on wind and static electricity in a technique known as ballooning.

#9. Which of the following is a chemical symbol on the periodic table?

Fe is the chemical symbol for iron.

#10. What type of star is the most common in our galaxy?

Red dwarfs make up about three quarters of all the stars in the Milky Way.

Was I right?

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  1. Hey, I got 9 right, missed moons of Pluto, but you gave me an 8/10. Looks like you program did not account for the extra 5 question, just the first five since I aced the last 5.

    1. Hi Terry,
      Thanks for the feedback! Sadly, the quiz changes every time you load it, so I can’t get the same bug to appear. But let us know if it happens again, and I’ll dig a bit deeper.

      If you want another quiz, just press f5 on the quiz page to refresh the page.

  2. Hi David,
    I thought there might be a larger problem, though very minro,` and you would get a number of responses so I wanted to be first. :-} All is good.

    Thank you


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