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2021 Megaquiz!

By , 1 January 2021

Here’s our megaquiz for the year! Below are 10 questions picked from every quiz we wrote in 2020. If you want more questions, just hit refresh and we’ll grab you another 10. Good luck!


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#1. Which Nobel Prize was jointly won by Peter Doherty and Rolf Zinkernagel in 1996?

Peter Doherty and Rolf Zinkernagel won the Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine for discovering how the body’s T-cells recognise and kill virus infected cells.

#2. What do humans make maple syrup out of?

Maple syrup is made by boiling the sap from maple trees.

#3. What mistake caused the loss of the Mars Climate Orbiter mission?

The Mars Climate Orbiter had a problem with its software, which miscalculated the thrust of its engines. As a result, it came too close to Mars and was lost.

#4. Which New Zealander has an element named after them?

Ernest Rutherford was known as the father of nuclear physics. Element 104 – rutherfordium – is named after him.

#5. In which body part would you find the patella bone?

The patella is another name for your kneecap.

#6. Which of the following is a chemical symbol on the periodic table?

Fe is the chemical symbol for iron.

#7. Which element is often added to table salt to help prevent thyroid diseases?

Iodine is often added to salt to prevent iodine deficiency. You might see the words ‘iodised salt’ on the packet.

#8. Which description of the extinct animal Diprotodon is the most accurate?

Diprotodon were the largest marsupials known to exist and went extinct around 44 000 years ago.

#9. What type of animal is a whale shark?

Whale sharks are the largest species of carpet shark.

#10. Which of the following is the densest?

Tungsten is a very dense metal. One litre of tungsten weighs more than 19 kilograms!

Was I right?

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  1. Hey, I got 9 right, missed moons of Pluto, but you gave me an 8/10. Looks like you program did not account for the extra 5 question, just the first five since I aced the last 5.

    1. Hi Terry,
      Thanks for the feedback! Sadly, the quiz changes every time you load it, so I can’t get the same bug to appear. But let us know if it happens again, and I’ll dig a bit deeper.

      If you want another quiz, just press f5 on the quiz page to refresh the page.

  2. Hi David,
    I thought there might be a larger problem, though very minro,` and you would get a number of responses so I wanted to be first. :-} All is good.

    Thank you


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