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It’s our 2019 megaquiz!

By David, 2 January 2019 Quiz

Get into 2019 with this brain work out! This megaquiz will test your knowledge of all the quizzes we wrote in 2018. The questions are randomly selected, so if you want more questions, you can just reload the page!

#1 Which of these diseases is not caused by a virus?

Anthrax is an infection caused by bacteria, not a virus.

#2 If you put a 20 cent coin flat on a table, how many 20 cent coins can you place flat on the table around the edge of the original coin?

Circles of the same size fit together tightest in a hexagonal pattern, with six circles around each circle.

#3 The oldest spider in the world, named Number 16, died recently. How old was she?

Number 16 was a trapdoor spider that lived until she was 43 years old.

#4 Which of the following is not an element on the periodic table?

Adamantium is a fictional metal, appearing in Marvel comics.

#5 Extremophiles are organisms that live in extreme conditions. Where can you find them?

Extremophiles can be found in a range of extreme conditions, including under high pressure, acidic and alkaline conditions, and at extremely high and low temperatures.

#6 Which of the following is not a metal?

Iodine is not a metal. It’s a grey solid that also turns into a bright purple gas!

#7 How many legs does a butterfly have?

Butterflies are insects, and like all insects, they have six legs.

#8 What are the largest reptiles living today?

Saltwater crocodiles are the largest living reptiles.

#9 What does a crepuscular animal do?

Crepuscular animals are most active at twilight, around dawn and dusk.

#10 Bos taurus is the scientific name for which animal?

Bos taurus is the scientific name for the cow.

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  1. Question 10: I think you should specify that said triangle is on a flat plane, since it’s possible to have more than one right angle on different planar geometries.

  2. Oh, I didn’t realise the questions change on each reload – my previous comment was in regards to the maximum number of right angles that a triangle can have.

  3. Yup, on a sphere you can have three right angles – on the Earth, Singapore, Kinshasa and the South Pole makes a triangle with three almost-right angles!


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