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It’s our 2019 megaquiz!

By David, 2 January 2019 Quiz

Get into 2019 with this brain work out! This megaquiz will test your knowledge of all the quizzes we wrote in 2018. The questions are randomly selected, so if you want more questions, you can just reload the page!


Congratulations! you are a real science whiz!

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#1. Which of these units is not part of the metric system?

The acre is an imperial unit, rather than metric unit.

#2. What does a crepuscular animal do?

Crepuscular animals are most active at twilight, around dawn and dusk.

#3. What does a dendrochronologist study?

1.      Dendrochronologists study tree rings to work out exactly when the tree lived and died.

#4. Why does plutonium have the symbol Pu and not Pl?

Glenn Seaborg (one of the discoverers of plutonium) used the symbol Pu rather than Pl because, when said out loud, it sounds like “PEE-YEW”, which is what a child might say when something smells bad!

#5. What does a deciduous tree do?

Deciduous trees lose their leaves once a year. In temperate climates, they usually lose their leaves in autumn. In the tropics, deciduous plants typically lose their leaves in the dry season.

#6. Where does asbestos come from?

Asbestos is a type of mineral with long fibrous crystals. If inhaled they can cause life threatening diseases.

#7. ISRO is a space agency. Where are they based?

ISRO is the Indian Space Research Organisation. It launches missions from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in south-eastern India.

#8. What is the name of the heaviest element known to occur in nature?

Uranium is the heaviest naturally occurring element.

#9. How long does it take for light to travel from the brightest star in the Southern Cross to Earth?

Alpha Crucis, the brightest star in the Southern Cross is 321 light years away.

#10. Where in our bodies are red blood cells made?

Red blood cells are made by bone marrow, the softer tissue inside large bones.

Was I right?

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  1. Question 10: I think you should specify that said triangle is on a flat plane, since it’s possible to have more than one right angle on different planar geometries.

  2. Oh, I didn’t realise the questions change on each reload – my previous comment was in regards to the maximum number of right angles that a triangle can have.

  3. Yup, on a sphere you can have three right angles – on the Earth, Singapore, Kinshasa and the South Pole makes a triangle with three almost-right angles!

  4. Great quiz!👍🏻


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