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The 2023 Megaquiz is here!

By , 4 January 2023

Looking for some science trivia? This is a random selection of questions from our 2022 quizzes. If you want more questions, reload this web page and we’ll fetch you a fresh batch!


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#1. True or False? Oranges are actually green. They only turn orange if it gets cold, which causes the chlorophyll in their skins to break down.

True. Even when ripe, oranges are often bright green in colour. They only turn orange if the weather gets cold enough to cause the chlorophyll in their skins to break down. If this doesn’t happen naturally, farmers expose the ripe but still green oranges to a gas called ethylene to break down chlorophyll and unmask the orange or yellow pigments.

#2. Which 2 numbers, multiplied together, make 111?

3 x 37 = 111. You can tell that 111 is divisible by 3 because 1 plus 1 plus 1 is also divisible by 3.

#3. What wavelengths are picked up by the new James Webb Space Telescope?

The James Webb Space Telescope can detect orange and red light, but mostly uses even redder, infrared light.

#4. True or false? Some species of spider use long pieces of spider silk to fly.

True! Some spiders create sails from their silk, to help them fly on the breeze. This is called ‘ballooning’.

#5. In 2019, scientists traced the origin of a yellow scarab beetle carving from Tutankhamun’s tomb. What was it made from?

A beautiful yellow glass beetle found in Tutankhamun’s tomb was carved from 29-million-year-old glass from a meteorite impact.

#6. True or false? Mosquitoes are a type of fly.

True! Mosquitoes are members of the order Diptera (meaning 2 wings), which is the scientific definition of a fly.

#7. Which of these planets is known for the beautiful rings around it?

Saturn is known for its rings made up of billions of small chunks of rock and ice, plus other materials such as dust.

#8. Where does a bolt of lightning travel between?

The most common lightning strikes are between 2 places in the same cloud, but lightning can also strike between 2 clouds, from a cloud to the ground, or even from the ground up into a cloud!

#9. Which of these chemicals give carrots their characteristic orange colour?

Orange carrots are coloured by carotenoids, including beta-carotene. These chemicals also help make carrots nutritious, helping your body make vitamin A.

#10. Which scientist won 2 Nobel Prize awards and was also the mother of a Nobel Prize winner?

Marie Curie won 2 Nobel Prizes and was also the mother of Irène Joliot-Curie who also won a Nobel Prize.

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