The best way to do maths is to have fun! Here’s a selection of our favourite games and puzzles.


Hexagonal board game with chess pieces on it.Queen’s Guard
If you have a chess set and a printer, try this clever game
Trading game
Buy low, sell high, try to get rich
This racing game is a bit tricky – try not to crash!
Push your luck!
To win this game, you’ll need to be clever AND lucky
Nine Men’s Morris
This ancient game is a real blast!


a paper model of a boat with a farmer and a bag of seed on board

River crossings
Make a model boat and cross the river without an accident
Pyramid solitaire
This solitaire card game has some tricky decisions
Unfriendly neighbours
Two puzzles: one easy, one hard. But they are connected!
Torus maze
This maze is on a donut!
Jumping puzzle
Show us your best moves in this paper-based puzzle


Brain iconThe big triangle brainteaser
Can you find the area of this gigantic triangle?
The triple bounce
Add it up and multiply by three – can you find the answer?
Taping tarps brainteaser
Solve the puzzle and try to keep your gear dry!
Red and black brainteaser
This one’s a real doozy – can you work out the probabilities?
Broken calculator
See how quick you can be with a broken calculator

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