The votes are in! Here are our most popular posts from 2021, including news, activities and brainteasers. There’s sure to be something here to tickle your fancy!


Photo of a cat crouching on the ground.

Image: ©Нина Дроздова

Is your cat secretly tracking you?
Your pet moggie might be keeping tabs on you
Earth’s innermost inner core
Scientists have spotted signs that there’s another core inside Earth’s inner core
Chocolate’s sweet science
Learn the science of making a truly tasty block of chocolate
National Insect Collection virtual tour
Take a look around Australia’s premier collection of creepy-crawlies!
How do ‘I am not a robot’ quizzes work?
You’ve seen them all over the internet, but how can a website tell you’re not a robot?

Hands on!

Pink gloop of slime.

Marshmallow slime
This soft, edible slime is made from marshmallows
Foam bubble blower
Blow thousands of bubbles in under a minute!
Colour changing lemon tea
Discover some fun chemistry with a relaxing cup of tea
Magic colouring
Instantly erase colours with this impressive illusion
Marbled nails!
This fun technique give you amazing patterned fingernails


Crosshatched page with arrows and numbers in different directions.

Image: Alex Hallatt

Dust mite dilemma
Can you help the dust mites find their way home?
Giant golden cube
Can you help Sian make a giant Minecraft cube?
Secret Roman
This sneaky brainteaser has a Latin influence
Hungry giraffes
Try this calculation and help feed the giraffes
Half a thousand
Find one strange trick to complete this sum

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