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National Insect Collection virtual tour

By , 1 April 2021

A small bug on a piece of paper labelled C. Darwin

This insect was collected by Charles Darwin in 1836!

Australia has some of the coolest, cutest and strangest animals in the world. It’s not all kangaroos, crocodiles and cassowaries, though – our insects are amazing too!

CSIRO’s Australian National Insect Collection (ANIC) contains more than 12 million specimens, making it the largest collection of Australian insects in the world. The oldest specimen was collected by Charles Darwin in 1836.

ANIC is a research collection, and it’s not usually open to the public. But you can take a peek inside by checking out their virtual tour. Inside, you’ll meet some of Australia’s leading entomologists (insect scientists), and find out what makes them tick (don’t worry – ticks aren’t actually insects!).




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  1. Would love to know a out army worms.They have destroyed our new lawn


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