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#1. What are the largest reptiles living today?

Saltwater crocodiles are the largest living reptiles.

#2. What is the name of the heaviest element known to occur in nature?

Uranium is the heaviest naturally occurring element.

#3. Extremophiles are organisms that live in extreme conditions. Where can you find them?

Extremophiles can be found in a range of extreme conditions, including under high pressure, acidic and alkaline conditions, and at extremely high and low temperatures.

#4. What is the maximum number of right angles that can be found in a triangle?

The angles in a triangle must add up to 180 degrees. As a right angle is 90 degrees, and a triangle has three angles, the maximum must be one right angle. Otherwise, if there were two 90 degree angles, it would add up to 180 degrees and there would be nothing left for the third angle.

#5. Which of these units is not part of the metric system?

The acre is an imperial unit, rather than metric unit.

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6 responses

  1. Martin Avatar

    The answer to question 4 is “depends” because it could be “3” if the triangle was done on the surface of the Earth.

  2. David Avatar

    Good point!
    Most people assume that a triangle is a shape drawn on a flat surface. But in curved space, such as on the surface of a sphere, you can definitely get two or even three right angles in a triangle. Depends on whether you consider lines like the equator to be straight.

    I wonder if you can draw a three right angle triangle on a flat sheet of paper, if you twist it into a mobeus strip first?

  3. David Avatar

    We’ve had some interesting comments about question 2 in this quiz.

    One reader notes that, of the elements in the question, only gold can be found as a pure substance. Uranium is typically found as uranium oxide and not pure uranium metal.

    Another reader wonders about the word ‘heavier’. Uranium atoms are the heaviest naturally occurring atoms, but they don’t pack together that well, so uranium metal is not as dense as gold, platinum or osmium.

    Our quiz plugin won’t let us have multiple right answers, but if you got this question wrong, then feel free to give yourself a bonus point. We’ll have a think and see if we can word the question a bit better.

  4. Martin Towell Avatar
    Martin Towell

    I took the meaning of question 2 to mean a single atom.

    If you start introducing things like Uranium oxide, then we’re talking about a compound and not an element.

    If we’re talking about several elements together, then that would be something like an “elementary substance”. The substance might not be as dense, but it still has weight/mass – given the same number of atoms, one substance will still weigh more than another made from a different element.

  5. Markus Avatar

    Möebius Strip depends on how you embed it into R^3. If you make it from twisted paper, it probably won’t work. Just make a Moebius Strip using squared Paper and you will see that right angles will be preserved by this embedding.

  6. Addison Avatar

    I got all the Qs right!

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