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Earth’s heart is like solid gold News

by David, 25 October 2018 | 0 comments

Image of half a sphere with three central glowing layers. The inner core being the brightest.

You might not think about it much, but there’s an amazing planet under your feet. Dig down about 50 kilometres and the rocky crust begins to give way to the hot, soft mantle. Deeper down, the rocks get hotter and runnier, reaching temperatures of thousands of degrees. At the very centre, there’s a solid core…

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Taking it to the extreme – a quick quiz Quiz

by Jasmine, 28 August 2018 | 6 comments

Black lightning bolt in purple circle

It’s time to push the limits! Can you take it to the maximum and get a high score?

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Termites’ golden moments News

by Pat, 4 January 2013 | 0 comments

Termite mound in the bush.

How would you find out where to strike gold? Turns out termites might have the answer.

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