A panda sitting behind a branch.

Image: Aaron Logan CC BY 1.0

Congratulations to all our Panda poem competition winners! The following people have won tickets to see Pandas 3D at IMAX.

Tayissa Hermence, Talei Whiteside, Sam Lang, Naomi Brick, Loren Pugh, Kayla Geertsema, Jed Sullivan, Isabel Rothwell, Daniel Verberne, Daniel Alexander.


We had heaps of amazing entries for our panda poetry competition. Here are two of our faves!


The Panda beautiful

All black and white

If we don’t look after them

they well just might

disappear for good

so do everything in our power we should

protect and learn and discover and nuture

one of the most beautiful and majestic parts of our nature

– Jed Sullivan


Image: Jeff Kubina

Image: Jeff Kubina

I’m willing to pander

For an Asiatic Panda

That’s willing to pander to me

For all their weirdness

Their black and white beardness

For a Panda, I’ll pander to thee

– Daniel Verberne

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