Protecting the environment isn’t just for scientists and grown-ups. Anyone can do things to help, and our Double Helix Sustainability Squad can show you how. You can learn from them and join in to be an everyday hero too!

In October, we announced the Sustainability Squad competition. This competition invited students from all over Australia to tell us something that they have done to help the environment. Now our 2023 Double Helix Sustainability Squad has been chosen!

We have 5 environmental champions from across Australia with exciting ideas to share with us all.

Meet the Double Helix Sustainability Squad


Millie is a young hero protecting her local beaches by collecting and studying plastic waste.

Girl with litter in plastic collection box

Millie and the litter that she picked up from her local beach


Tallulah loves our native wildlife and has been working hard with her community to protect them.

Girl kneeling, holding tree planting equipment next to a newly planted tree

Tallulah planting trees for her local native wildlife


Toby is a school leader who is bringing waves of change to his community by promoting sustainable actions.

High angle view of unrecognizable creative Caucasian schoolboy, drawing the art about environment and sustainability

Creativity is important in sustainability! Follow Toby’s story in our upcoming issue to find out why

Image: © Stankovic


Isabelle is a sustainability champion at school and in her home by adopting eco-friendly alternatives.

Girl standing in front of charity clothes bins doing a 'thumbs up'

Isabelle shows Double Helix where she recycles her old clothes and toys at her local drop-off point


Annie is a self-made businessperson helping others to grow food and learn about sustainable farming.

A variety of succulents in pots with white gravel

Annie grows succulents and sells them to donate to a charity that helps others grow food

Congratulations to all our winners. To find out about their stories, follow our upcoming activities in Double Helix magazine! You will hear from our Sustainability Squad and learn ways to make your own positive changes to help the planet.

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  1. Jara Avatar

    I would like to join the sustainability squad. Because I would like to help the environment.

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