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Microscope: Rainbow weight

By , 5 September 2013

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Q: What is the weight of a rainbow?
The Helix reader, Russyl from Tasmania

Stylised picture of a rainbow on a set of scales

Rainbows are pretty light!

A rainbow is caused by light bouncing inside raindrops. When sunlight hits a raindrop, some of the light is reflected. Different colours are reflected at slightly different angles; so, each colour remains separated over the whole rainbow. To see a rainbow, there needs to be water droplets in the air and white light coming from the same direction – usually from the Sun.

Every person looking at a rainbow sees one that is slightly different, because they are standing in a slightly different spot. If you and a friend walk in different directions while looking at a rainbow, you will each see the rainbow move differently. So, a rainbow is not a ‘real thing’ – it’s an illusion of light. And, light doesn’t weigh anything!

How much water does it take to make a rainbow? On a sunny day, grab a spray bottle filled with water. Go outside, and turn your back to the Sun. Put your spray bottle on the mist setting and squirt it all over the place – hopefully you will see a rainbow using only a few grams of water. However, a rain shower that drops one millimetre of rain over an area of one square kilometre contains 1000 tons of water. Big storms would carry many times more water.

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