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All About Colour – A Quick Quiz Quiz

by Ariel Marcy, 6 September 2023 | 0 comments

This quiz is tied up with a rainbow! Can you earn that pot of gold? Or have you bitten off more than you can hue?

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Lit up! A quick quiz Quiz

by David Shaw, 30 November 2022 | 1 comments

These questions will help you to see the light. Take the quiz and see if you shine brightly.

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Rainbow plate Activity

by David Shaw, 18 March 2021 | 1 comments

Plate with colourful lollies around the circumference and rainbow pattern in the centre.

Here’s a great excuse to get your parents to buy lollies! All it takes is some warm water to reveal a beautiful rainbow.

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Microscope: Rainbow weight News

by Mike, 5 September 2013 | 2 comments

Stylised picture of a rainbow on a set of scales

Welcome to Double Helix magazine’s Q&A section – Microscope. We take a close look at small questions full of big ideas. Q: What is the weight of a rainbow?

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