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From concrete to cochlear implants – a quick quiz

By David, 7 November 2018 Quiz

This week’s quiz tests all kinds of knowledge from common construction materials to Australian inventions. Can you get 5/5?


Congratulations! You're a real science whiz!
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#1. Which of these Australian mammals weighs the most?

Red kangaroos can weigh up to 90 kilograms, as heavy as an adult human!

#2. The Kármán line separates Earth from space. How far up is it?

The Kármán line is at an altitude of 100 kilometres.

#3. If you want a pendulum to swing more frequently, which of these factors will make the most difference?

The length of a pendulum is the main factor that determines how long a swing takes.

#4. Portland cement is typically made from which rock?

Portland cement is typically made by roasting limestone, with a small amount of other ingredients, such as gypsum or clay.

#5. Which sense does a cochlear implant assist?

The cochlear implant is an Australian invention that helps people to hear.

Was I right?

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