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#1. About how hot is the hottest part of a candle flame?

The flame of a candle typically reaches 1100 degrees Celsius, although it can get up to 1400 degrees.

#2. What shape is a typical Australian 50 cent coin?

Most 50 cent coins have 12 sides, making them dodecagons. The 50 cent coins made in 1966 were circular!

#3. The crown-of-thorns starfish is a threat to the Great Barrier Reef. Which of the following techniques is commonly used to reduce their numbers?

To control populations, trained divers kill crown-of-thorns starfish by injecting them with either bile salts or vinegar.

#4. All native Australian mammals have pouches.

False. Australia has several native species of placental mammals, including bats and native rats.

#5. Which of the following vehicles uses RP-1 as fuel?

RP-1 is a rocket fuel, also known as Rocket Propellant-1.

Was I right?

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