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#1. How many kilometres can a light beam travel in an hour?

Light travels at about one billion kilometres per hour.

#2. If an animal is melanistic, what’s special about it?

A melanistic animal has a lot of the dark pigment melanin, which makes it appear black or darkly coloured.

#3. Which of the following did Alfred Nobel, the founder of the Nobel Prize, invent?

Alfred Nobel was an expert in explosives and invented dynamite and gelignite.

#4. Compare two earthquakes, a magnitude 4 and a magnitude 6 on the moment magnitude or ‘Richter’ scale. How much more energy does the large one have?

A unit on the moment magnitude scale represents 32 times more energy. So a difference of two is about 1000 times more energy!

#5. Where would you find Titan?

Titan is Saturn’s largest moon.

Was I right?

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    Deb Walsh

    I like these quizzes

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