This quiz is all about rivers. Let your knowledge flow and see how many questions you can get right!

#1. What’s the name for new land and islands that form at the mouth of a river?

A river delta is formed when sand, silt and other sediments collect at the mouth of a river. It’s called a delta because some deltas are shaped like a capital delta: Δ.

#2. The Todd River in Alice Springs is ephemeral, but what does ephemeral mean?

An ephemeral river only runs after rain. Most of the time it’s completely dry.

#3. When a river goes around a bend, where does it erode fastest?

Rivers erode fastest on the outside of a bend. Over time, this makes bendy rivers even bendier.

#4. All rivers in Australia flow into the ocean.

False. Rivers that flow into Kati Thanda–Lake Eyre never flow out again, because the lake is below sea level!

#5. There are rivers of liquid methane on Titan, but where is Titan?

Titan is the largest of Saturn’s moons. It has a thick atmosphere and has seas, rivers and rain made of methane.

Was I right?


Congratulations! You are a real science whiz!

Oh dear! Better brush up before the next quiz!

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  1. Sharlynn Avatar

    I did it with my class first before doing this one that is why I got them all right.

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    doomah candice

    such a sophisticated answer

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