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Mixed bag – a quick quiz

By Jasmine, 12 September 2018 Quiz

There’s something for everyone in our mixed bag. Try this fun mix of questions from across the sciences.

#1 Which element is second on the periodic table?

Helium is the second element on the periodic table, as it has two protons.

#2 Which of these is not a threatened species?

The eastern grey kangaroo has a population of several million, so it is not a threatened species.

#3 What does the letter K stand for as a unit of measure?

K is the symbol for kelvin, the scientific unit of temperature.

#4 The oldest spider in the world, named Number 16, died recently. How old was she?

Number 16 was a trapdoor spider that lived until she was 43 years old.

#5 Which of these is NOT a type of cloud?

Canopus is the name of a star, not a cloud.

Was I right?


Congratulations! You’re a real science whiz!

Oh dear! Better brush up before the next quiz!

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