Across Australia and around the world, lots of kids are staying home to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Here are a whole bunch of fun maths activities to keep you busy!

A round ball made of coloured paper.Geometry

A mathematical bauble
Make a beautiful ball with paper and scissors
Climb through a hole in a sheet of paper
Learn a clever trick to put a big hole in a small piece of paper
Folding a piece of paper in half
Have a go at that old question – how many times can you fold a piece of paper in half?
Two coloured drawings
A bit of maths and a lot of creativity will make some amazing art
Tessellating tiles
Make your own artistic repeating patterns, like Escher


An excerpt from the Dresden Codex.Number

Maya numbers
The Maya people wrote numbers in an interesting way
Inca quipu numbers
Find out how Incas wrote numbers using knots in string
Count to a million
Got lots of time on your hands? Find out how long it takes to count to one million
Make a pi necklace
A mathematical fashion statement
Caesar cipher
This mathematical code is thousands of years old

Someone is flipping down the number 16.Fun and games

Guess Who’s my number?
Give an old copy of Guess Who a mathematical makeover
Play Scopa
This card game is packed with numbers
A game of Sprouts
Some fun maths will help you win this tricky game
Sliding block puzzle
Grab some dominos and build this sliding puzzle
Liar’s dice
Round up your whole family and see who’s the best liar

Cover of two Double Helix 'Hands-On Science' books

Looking for more activities?

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2 responses

  1. Ann Sippe Avatar
    Ann Sippe

    I have four children, now adults and independent. When they turned 10 I gave them a birthday present which was membership to the Double Helix club. Best thing I ever did. They loved it. The membership included the magazine as well as great actities very holiday. Does this still exist? I have grandchildren now and would love them to experience this.

    1. David Avatar

      Double Helix magazine is still delivering great science content to kids across Australia and around the world! You can subscribe on our website:
      Or buy back issues on the CSIRO Publishing website:

      Sadly, we are no longer running science club workshops.

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