It’s the silly season! Looking for a way to celebrate with science? Try this collection of hands-on activities.

Festive science

Small metal bells in a glass of fizzy waterBubbling bells
A fizzy way to spread festive cheer
A Christmas packing puzzle
See if you can pack the present in this three-dimensional puzzle
Discover the maths of gift wrapping!
Here are some tips and tricks to keep your presents looking presentable
An Advent puzzle
Here’s a fun challenge you can do with an old Advent calendar


Delightful decorations

Star made from multiple coloured paper cones.

Cone star
This fun star shape has a mathematical heart

Decorative octahedron
Make a beautiful decoration from straws and string

Round cubic decoration
What’s halfway between a circle and a cube?

Twisted snowflake
Try this twist on the classic snowflake activity


Summer fun

Pencil cricket
It only takes two pencils to make this clever cricket simulator
When life gives you lemons…
Try our lemonade recipe and beat the heat!
Play a game of Salvo!
Here’s a classic game to play with your family on a wet summer day
How bright is the Sun?
How on Earth can you measure something as bright as the Sun?

Cover of two Double Helix 'Hands-On Science' books

Looking for more activities?

Don’t want to stop there? Pick up our Hands-On Science set. These books are packed with 100 fun DIY experiments and activities from the Double Helix team!

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