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Endangered – a quick quiz

By , 27 February 2019

In this quiz we’re looking at animals and plants we’re in danger of losing, and how to protect them. Test your knowledge about endangered species!


Congratulations! You are a real science whiz!

Oh dear! Better brush up before the next quiz!

#1. What is the pollinator of the rare Canberra spider orchid?

The Canberra spider orchid is pollinated by a wasp. The species of wasp is still undescribed and doesn’t yet have a name.

#2. The tallest tree in the world is an endangered redwood named Hyperion. How tall is this tree to the nearest metre?

Hyperion, the tallest tree in the world stands at 115.9 metres.

#3. Which of these Australian animals is not considered endangered?

The eastern grey kangaroo is the only animal listed that is not considered endangered.

#4. In 2018, which mammal species genuinely improved from endangered to non-endangered on the IUCN Red List?

Just one mammal species, the fin whale, improved from endangered to non-endangered in 2018.

#5. Which of these animals is most closely related to now extinct thylacines?

Genetic analysis has revealed that numbats are close relatives of thylacines.

Was I right?


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