There’s nothing like a pretty flower to brighten your day. Will this quiz brighten yours when you get full marks? 

#1. What’s the main reason that plants have flowers?

Flowers are the reproductive organs of a plant. They ensure that pollen reaches the flower’s ovary (usually in the base of the flower) where seeds will start to develop.

#2. Which of the following animals pollinate flowers?

Flowers have evolved lots ways to attract pollinators. Bee orchid flowers mimic the shape of female bees to attract male bees. Banksia flowers provide pygmy possums with a food source of pollen. Morning glory flowers even attract slugs – a rare ability!

#3. True or false? All plants have flowers.

False! there are lots of plants that don’t have flowers, including conifers (like pine trees), ferns, and mosses.

#4. What part of the flower causes allergies and hay fever?

Many plants use pollinators like bees to spread their pollen. But some plants just release pollen into the air and hope that it’ll spread to another plant!

#5. According to plant scientists, which of the following grocery items is NOT a fruit?

Having seeds is a dead giveaway for fruits. Capsicum are full of seeds, oranges have seeds, and mangos have one big seed in the middle. Carrots are plant roots, not fruits.

Was I right?


Congratulations! You are a real science whiz!

Oh dear! Better brush up before the next quiz!

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