Several people playing cricket on The Dish.If you’ve ever seen the iconic movie The Dish, you’ll probably remember when two engineers turned the most famous telescope in Australia into a cricket pitch. Kids from across New South Wales got a chance to do the same, along with some of Australia’s biggest cricket stars.

“I didn’t quite get the ball into orbit,” said Brisbane Heat star Chris Lynn. “But it was a great experience. I’ve played cricket in lots of places. In the backyard, the driveway, inside the house, but never on top of a radio telescope. This was amazing.”

This unconventional field was set up to launch Cricket Australia’s new kids cricket program, Woolworths Cricket Blast. Sadly, they only had a short time to have a hit – The Dish had some important science to get on with!

Visit the CSIRO website to learn about The Dish, the Parkes radio telescope

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