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Close enough – a quick quiz Quiz

by David, 27 March 2019 | 0 comments

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How close is close enough? Try this batch of questions and see how close you can get to full marks!

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Floating images Activity

by David, 21 March 2019 | 0 comments

Drawing of a green and red butterfly in the bottom of a bowl with a small amount of blue water.

Have you ever wanted to bring your pictures to life? Here’s one neat trick to make a drawing float away, literally!

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Checking the clock brainteaser Brainteaser

by David, 20 March 2019 | 6 comments

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Terry is inspecting a huge clock. It’s 2:12 and they just finished examining the big hand. They need to check the little hand next, but they want it pointing in exactly the same direction that the big hand is pointing now. How long will they need to wait until the little hand is pointing that…

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Keep your green thumbs to yourself! News

by David, 14 March 2019 | 2 comments

Seedling growing from the soil with gardeners hands cupping around plant.

Written by Mike McRae Your pets might like a good scratch, but new research suggests your beloved pot plants might not be so fond of having their fronds fondled.

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Fuel the fire – a quick quiz Quiz

by David, 13 March 2019 | 0 comments

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We’ve got some burning questions to keep your curiosity going. Let’s see how you go! If you’re after more fun science for kids, subscribe to Double Helix magazine!  

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Queen’s Guard Activity

by David, 7 March 2019 | 1 comments

Hexagonal board game with chess pieces on it.

Here’s a simple game that can be very tricky to play well. Give it a go, then find out why it’s such a challenge.

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Mathematical pizza party Brainteaser

by David, 6 March 2019 | 0 comments

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Four mathematicians – Annie, Beth, Carol and Donna – have a fun tradition. Every Friday, they order a pizza. But before they can eat, they must each solve a puzzle.

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How to find the world’s biggest bee News

by David, 28 February 2019 | 3 comments

Image of a giant bee and a smaller honey bee.

As long as a thumb and with a six-centimetre wingspan, you’d think it would be hard to miss Wallace’s giant bee. Alfred Wallace – a biologist who, at the same time as Charles Darwin, also came up with the theory of evolution through natural selection – wrote about it way back in 1858. But since…

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Endangered – a quick quiz Quiz

by David, 27 February 2019 | 0 comments

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In this quiz we’re looking at animals and plants we’re in danger of losing, and how to protect them. Test your knowledge about endangered species!   Find the answers to many of these questions in the latest issue of Double Helix magazine. Purchase a copy from the CSIRO Publishing website.  

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Upside down bottle Activity

by David, 21 February 2019 | 2 comments

Plastic bottle half filled with water with a screen tied over the opening and the whole thing inverted upside down.

Here’s a classic activity with a showy twist. Surprise your friends by inverting a water bottle without spilling its contents!

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