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Sneaker discount brainteaser

By , 11 August 2022

Difficulty: Tricky

Billie is really in to sneakers. They bought a pair for $100, aiming to sell them for a profit. First, they put the price up 50% and tried to sell the sneakers. After a few months, they decided to drop the price by 50%, and the sneakers sold.

Did Billie make money, lose money, or sell the sneakers at their original price?

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Brainteaser hint

Do the calculations! You might be surprised at what happens.

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Brainteaser answer

Billie bought the sneakers for $100.

Then they increased the price by 50%, which is $50, making the new price $150.

Next they reduced the price by 50%. And 50% of $150 is $75, so the sneakers sold for $75.

Overall, Billie bought the sneakers for $100 and sold them for $75, so they lost $25.

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