This quiz explores one of our most enigmatic senses. Do have the answers you need to taste victory?


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#1. Along with hydrogen and oxygen, what other element is found in sugar?

A molecule of the sugar glucose has six atoms of carbon, 12 of hydrogen and six of oxygen.

#2. The fifth sense is often called umami, but what other name does it have?

The fifth sense is savouriness, but it’s also called umami, a Japanese compound word that means ‘delicious taste’.

#3. Which of the following solutions contains the most salt?

Brine is a name for any water that is as salty or saltier than sea water.

#4. How many different types of bitter taste receptors are there in humans?

There are 25 different human bitter receptors recorded in the bitterDB database. But not all humans have all 25 receptors!

#5. What chemical property causes things to taste sour?

Sourness is the taste that detects acidity.

Was I right?

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