What a year of activity! In 2023, we posted 25 hands-on STEM activities. Here are 5 of the most popular posts.

First, we’re singing out about Listening to nature’s songs. Get excited and get out your mobile device because this activity harnesses the power of AI to identify local birds. Originally timed for the Aussie Bird Count, you can contribute to citizen science all year round.

Two green budgerigars nesting in a tree hollow.

While you’re outside, you might as well harness the power of the sun by Building a solar oven! In this creative engineering project, you will use household items and Australia’s famous summer heat to make a famous American treat – a s’more!

Person eating a S'More biscuit treat

Now that you have food in mind, can we tempt you with some Colour-changing noodles? This party trick is powered by the acids in lemon juice. That’s right, red cabbage contains a pH indicator. But don’t take our word for it!

Pink noodles in a bowl.

Up next, you can take our words and explore future jobs using our STEM career chatterbox! This fun paper toy is a hugely popular activity among school group visitors to the Double Helix HQ in Canberra. But now, you can print it out, fold it up and enjoy it anywhere!

hand holding a chatterbox paper folding activity.

Finally, let’s finish fabulously with Edible glitter! This stunning starch-based sparkle looks festive and won’t harm the environment. While you make it, you can learn the science of how going stale means glowing up. This is our most viewed activity of 2023!

Tipped over glass with blue glitter spilling out onto the table.

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