This quiz has a lot of comparisons. From cosmic circles to considerable cats, can you work out the biggest?


Congratulations! You are a real science whiz!

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#1. Which of the following is the longest distance?

It’s almost 700 000 kilometres from the centre of the Sun to its edge. The Moon orbits about 380 000 kilometres from Earth, and Saturn’s rings reach about 140 000 kilometres from its centre.

#2. What is a peachick?

A peachick is a young peacock or peahen.

#3. Which of the following weighs more?

A mixture of different sized particles is typically denser than ones that are the same size.

#4. Only one of the following metals is on the periodic table, but which one?

Zinc is element number 30 and has the symbol Zn. The other metals include more than one element.

#5. Which of these big cat species is the heaviest?

The largest wild cat ever measured was a Bengal tiger, which weighed approximately 389 kilograms.

Was I right?

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