Alaska, Inside Passage, Humpback Whale, breaching (Megaptera novaeangliae) B2003

Alaska, Inside Passage, Humpback Whale, breaching (Megaptera novaeangliae) Photographer Barbara MacGillivray

Congratulations to all of the winners of our whale poetry competition. The following ten people have won tickets for two to the Humpback Whale 3D film at IMAX Darling Harbour.

Pat Lam, George Baker, Cadence Ing, Esther Schroeter, Bridgette Lill, Sam Greenwald, Julie Slater, Dhruvi Lathigara, Andrew Lim and Laura Scriven.

Here is a selection from the winning poems.

A humpback whale and baby

Photographer Shaun MacGillivray

The Humpback Whale by Cadence Ing

Calm and gentle is the Humpback Whale

Measuring about 14 metres, from head to tail.

They swim effortlessly through the water

And migrate to warmer places

So they can have their sons and daughters.

Although not secure in numbers

They are slowly coming back

For the serene and magnificent creatures

Are none other than the great Humpback

The humpback whale by Sam Greenwald

Strong and long

I’ll sing a song

With range and melody

Quite unique

I’ll sneak a peek

If your boat is near me.

The sea I’ll breach

The sky I’ll reach

Then crash right on my back!

It’s quite the sight!

A huge delight!

The jumping… thumping… Humpback!


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  1. Celia Berrell Avatar
    Celia Berrell

    I am always delighted to see poems that share some science and nature for us to enjoy and remember. Really love the last line: “The jumping … thumping … Humpback”. It concisely conveys their amazing breaches and size. Congratulations.

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