Strong can mean a lot of different things to scientists. Every question in this quiz has something to do with strength.


Congratulations! You are a real science whiz!

Oh dear! Better brush up before the next quiz!

#1. Which of the fundamental forces is the strongest?

The strong force holds together the nuclei of atoms, and it’s the strongest of the four fundamental forces.

#2. Which of the following is a strong acid?

Strong acids are ones that release all their hydrogen ions when dissolved, and hydrochloric acid is one of the few acids that do!

#3. Which shape – found in bridges, cranes and power pylons – is the most rigid and resistant to bending?

Triangles are rigid because you can’t bend the corners without stretching or squishing a side.

#4. When a spider uses its silk to fly, what is it called?

Many spiders spool out one or more threads of silk, and float away on wind and static electricity in a technique known as ballooning.

#5. There’s a famous scale that rates different rocks. Diamond gets the highest rating at 10, and talc only gets a 1. What scale is it?

Mohs scale of hardness rates all rocks based on which ones can scratch others, with diamond being the hardest.

Was I right?

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