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Red and black brainteaser Brainteaser

by David, 12 June 2019 | 12 comments

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I have four playing cards: two of them are black and two are red. I turn them face down so you can’t see the colours, and shuffle them so you don’t know which is which. If you pick two of these cards at random, are they more likely to be the same colour or different…

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Run an election Activity

by David, 16 May 2019 | 1 comments

Someone is numbering the boxes on a ballot paper

Running an election is a good way to let everyone have a say. In this example, we will be voting for the tastiest vegetable, but if you design your own ballot papers, you can use this method to run an election about anything!

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Newspaper numbers Activity

by David, 11 October 2017 | 0 comments

Soemoen has circled $122 milion in a newspaper

Mathematicians can find patterns wherever there are numbers. In this activity, see if there’s a pattern in the numbers inside a newspaper!

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How do you model a bushfire? Activity

by David, 13 September 2017 | 0 comments

a bushfire

Bushfires are destructive and dangerous. They can be fickle, but scientists are developing ways to predict their behaviour. This activity shows you one way that a scientist might think about bushfires.

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A crowd of dice Activity

by David, 21 February 2017 | 0 comments

Time to test your intuition. What’s better: one expert, or the wisdom of the crowds? Let’s let the dice decide. You will need 10 cubic (six-sided) dice Two whiteboard markers (one black and one red) Pen and paper

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Fold an ancient Chinese dice Activity

by David, 8 June 2016 | 2 comments

The completed dice shape - with hexagon and square faces.

You will need The dice net printed out on paper – click here to download it Scissors Sticky tape What to do Cut out the shape – known as the net – along the outermost lines. Fold and then unfold along each of the lines on the net. They all fold in the same direction,…

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Dodgy dice Activity

by David, 14 September 2015 | 0 comments

You will need Adhesive putty A marble or small stone Glue Scissors Marker Pen and paper A copy of the dice template, printed on thin cardboard. You can download it here. Making the dice There are two cross shapes on the template. Cut out one of these. Fold along the edges of each square on…

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Catch the correlation Activity

by David, 10 March 2015 | 0 comments

Two graphs on top of each other. One goes up-down-up, the other down-up-down.

Can you spot the links between the graphs, and catch the correlations?

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Thumb wrestling tournament Activity

by David, 6 January 2015 | 1 comments

two interlocking fists

Have you ever wondered who thumb wrestles the best? Run a tournament to find out. Even better, you could run two!

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Mixing things up! News

by David, 9 September 2014 | 0 comments

Mathematican Artur Avila

Blenders mix milk and chocolate topping. Cereal makers add sultanas and puffs to bran flakes. We all mix things every day, but we know surprisingly little about the mathematics of mixing. One of this year’s Fields Medallists is working to bridge this gap. Many people can shuffle cards, but Artur Avila can shuffle a line.

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