Difficulty: Tricky

Ollie the space octopus is lost! She’s trying to get back to her home planet – the blue circle – and she needs some help.

Ollie’s spaceship has special engines. They cause the spaceship to fly in a straight line, but whenever they hit a yellow star, they must make a right-angle turn. There’s no other way to make this spaceship turn!

Can you show Ollie the way home?

Yellow star pattern on a black background with an alien face and a blue dot.

Can you show Ollie the way home?

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Brainteaser hint

Ollie’s spaceship must go in straight lines and right angles, but it doesn’t need to go straight up and down – it can go in diagonals. Remember to make every line straight, and every corner a square corner!

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Brainteaser answer

Line joining the blue dot to the alien through the yellow stars.

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