We humans only have 2 legs, but a lot of creatures have many more. Do you have the legs to go the distance and get 5/5 on this quiz?

#1. What happens when you shine ultraviolet (UV) light on a scorpion?

Scorpions are fluorescent, which means they glow under UV light.

#2. How many wheels does the Mars rover Curiosity have?

The Curiosity Mars rover has 6 wheels, just like Spirit, Opportunity and Sojourner before it.

#3. Which of the following octopus facts is false?

Octopuses have gills, not lungs. They can live for a few minutes out of water, but they don’t live in trees.

#4. True or false? Some species of spider use long pieces of spider silk to fly.

True! Some spiders create sails from their silk, to help them fly on the breeze. This is called ‘ballooning’.

#5. What is the highest number of legs ever found on a millipede?

The word millipede means ‘a thousand feet’, but the first millipede with more than 1,000 legs was first recorded scientifically in 2021.

Was I right?


Congratulations! You are a real science whiz!

Oh dear! Better brush up before the next quiz!

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  1. gabrial Avatar

    why is this so hard……….uwu….simpi

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