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Preservation – a quick quiz

By , 22 September 2021

This quiz is all about preserving things. From sugar to space archaeology, can you save the day by getting these questions right?

#1. What kind of samples are kept in a herbarium?

The Australian National Herbarium has more than a million plant specimens, as well as lichens, fungi, slime moulds and algae.

#2. Stromatolites might be the oldest fossils we’ve ever found, but what kind of life do they record?

Cyanobacteria colonies make strange, lumpy rocks called stromatolites.

#3. Vanguard 1 was the fourth artificial satellite launched into orbit, and the oldest one still in space. When was it launched?

Vanguard 1 was launched on 17 March 1958, meaning it has been in orbit for more than 63 years!

#4. Why doesn’t sugar go mouldy?

Sugar, like salt, can pull water out of living cells in a process called osmosis.

#5. Which of the following tardigrade facts is false?

Some tardigrades can survive at temperatures of 150° C, but lava is much hotter, around 700° C–1,200° C.

Was I right?


Congratulations! you are a real science whiz!

Oh dear! better brush up before the next quiz!


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