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By Jas, 16 August 2012

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This is the blog for CSIRO’s Double Helix magazine. We encourage you to leave a comment on our site. This could include your ideas, feelings or impressions about an article, or a sharing of your experiences. It might also include a link to another website. We will publish the best comments for other readers to see!

We do, however, expect your best behaviour. Any comments that contain the following material, or link to such material, will be rejected automatically and not be published:

  • threatening, violent, insulting or aggressive language
  • images or language that is explicitly or suggestively sexual
  • material that is illegal, or encourages others to conduct illegal or dangerous activity
  • material that is found to have been copied without crediting the author.

In addition to these standards, the moderators will reject any comments that they consider to be intentionally upsetting, offensive or trolling. The moderators may also refuse to publish any material for any other reason.

Please keep in mind that repeatedly posting inappropriate comments will result in all and any future responses from your computer’s IP address to be permanently blocked, regardless of their contents.

Hands-on activities

You should follow the activities, instructions and warnings on this website carefully to make sure you don’t injure yourself. Make sure that an adult supervises any activity where the instructions say so, and that you use the ingredients in accordance with the instructions.

Some activities might involve dangerous substances. Do not allow those dangerous substances to touch you, particularly your eyes and mouth.

CSIRO will not accept any liability for what happens if you don’t follow the instructions or if you misuse ingredients.