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Fold Investigator!

By David, 28 August 2014 Activity

To celebrate Australia’s Marine National Facility, you can make a paper model of the ship! You will need a copy of the template, which you can download as a PDF file here, or a JPG image here.

First steps

Putting on the superstructure

The flat surface of the ship is called the deck. In this model, it’s white. The building above the deck is called the superstructure. In this model, it has lots of rails and a silver ball at the top. On the shape, there is a big gap between the deck and the superstructure. You need to fold the paper to get rid of that gap.


Get back

The back of a ship is called the stern. Investigator has big cranes in the stern to drop off and pick up floating experiments.


Up front

The front of the ship is called the bow. This is shaped to move through the water efficiently.

Congratulations! You’ve finished your paper Investigator.

A paper model of a ship.

The finished Investigator!

Investigator will be home to a host of scientists, including oceanographers, geologists and biologists. The ship is equipped with the latest high-tech equipment to help research our oceans.

If you want more crafty fun, you can fold an dice found in an ancient Chinese tomb
Read more about the launch of Investigator

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  1. No, I don’t want a paper model – I want a plastic one! In fact, I’m quite sure that millions of budding scientists around the world will want one as well.

    Make it so, Number One!

  2. nice post


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