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Last week I flew from Canberra to Brisbane. The plane took off at 2.00 pm, flew 1,800 kilometres at 900 kilometres per hour, and landed at 3.00pm.

On the way home from Brisbane, the plane took off at 8.00 pm. Assuming it flew at the same speed, when did it land in Canberra?

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Did it take one or 2 hours to fly to Brisbane? Are there any other considerations that might influence the landing time in Queensland or the Australian Capital Territory?

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Queensland does not have Daylight Saving Time, but the Australian Capital Territory does. This means when it’s 2.00 pm in Canberra, it’s 1.00 pm in Brisbane. The flight to Brisbane took 2 hours, so it landed at 3.00 pm Brisbane time.

On the way home, it took off at 8.00 pm in Brisbane, which is 9.00 pm in Canberra. The flight took 2 hours, so it landed at 11.00 pm in Canberra.

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