Are you looking for some fun activities to fill your Easter break? Check out these seasonal suggestions!

Eggs-treme science

Hand holding a transparent egg shape orb.Shiny egg
Use a candle and an egg to make something that looks like silver

Green eggs
Use a clever physics trick to separate an egg, and make a prank meal!

Vinegar eggs and salty osmosis
Peel a raw egg without breaking it, and then make it grow and shrink with the power of chemistry

Egg geodes
Find a second life for old eggshells – as the outsides of these beautiful egg geodes!

Chocolate ideas

Plate with colourful lollies around the circumference and rainbow pattern in the centre.

Rainbow plate
A handful of chocolates and some water will reveal a beautiful rainbow

How full is choc-full?
Make a tasty treat, and learn about how sometimes, full doesn’t really mean full

Chocolate cut
Here’s a chocolatey puzzle that’s bound to get your brain pumping


A soft-boiled egg.

Eggs-traordinary maths

Boil an egg
Do you have trouble getting the perfect boiled egg? Follow this method and get it right every time!

Draw an egg
Explore the maths of an egg’s shape

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