These clear, shiny gemstones are very valuable and oh-so-special. Can you sparkle like a diamond and get full marks on our quiz?

#1. What’s the chemical formula for diamond?

Diamonds are pure carbon, so their chemical formula is C.

#2. Diamond scores 10 on Moh’s scale. But what does Moh’s scale actually measure?

Moh’s scale of mineral hardness is measured by seeing which minerals will scratch others.

#3. True or false? Diamonds float on water.

False. Diamond is about 3.5 times denser than water, so it will sink.

#4. What name do mathematicians use for a diamond shape, like on a playing card?

A rhombus is a 4-sided shape with all sides the same length, and it’s commonly called a diamond.

#5. How do diamond pythons kill their prey?

Diamond pythons are non-venomous, and they constrict their prey to kill them. They can’t kill you, but they will give you a nasty bite if you annoy them too much!

Was I right?


Congratulations! You are a real science whiz!

Oh dear! Better brush up before the next quiz!

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