Difficulty: Tricky

Scarlett, Azure and Jett were drinking tea together. There was one scarlet red teacup, one azure blue mug and a jet-black tea glass. None of them had a cup that was the same colour as their own name. After a while, Scarlett offered to get the person with the black glass another drink.

What is the colour of each person’s cup?

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Brainteaser hint

Start with Scarlett first. Does she have a red, blue or black cup?

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Brainteaser answer

Scarlett can’t have the red cup, because it’s the same colour as her name. She also can’t have the black cup because she asked that person a question. So she must have the blue cup.

Now Jett can’t have the blue cup, and they can’t have the black one either, so they must have the red cup. That leaves just the black cup for Azure.

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2 responses

  1. Martin Avatar

    Alternatively, if we allow for Scarlett to talk to herself (as some people do), then she would have the black cup (leaving the red and blue cups to allocate.) Since Azure can’t have the blue cup, this means Jett has it. Leaving Azure with the red cup.

    S = black
    A = red
    J = blue

  2. JW Avatar

    Ha Ha!

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