Jasmine Fellows

Jasmine is the Editor of Double Helix magazine and also works on our fortnightly email newsletters. She loves all science, but specialises in genetics and science history. She enjoys hula hooping and playing the ukulele!

David Shaw

David is Double Helix’s resident mathematician. He writes Double Helix Extra, and helps out with the magazine. David loves playing with puzzles, and puzzling over plays.

Past contributors

Sarah Kellett

Sarah was the first Editor for the new Double Helix magazine and also worked on the email newsletters. Sarah would love to go on an adventure to space.

Beth Askham

Beth was a science writer and content editor for our magazines. She thinks small Australian carnivores are amazing (it’s their little teeth and paws) and likes things that glow.

Neha Karl

Neha was a science writer for CSIRO, and worked mainly on Science by Email. She has studied science, predominantly in biology and genetics, but is very passionate about education and hopes to pursue a career as a science communicator.

Natalie Jorna

Natalie was Double Helix‘s marketing extraordinaire. She loves to snorkel, making sweet pies and has dabbled in ocean swimming.

Mike McRae

Mike used to write and edit for CSIRO’s children’s science publications. Mike has also written a book called Tribal Science.

Patrick Mahony

Pat was a science writer with CSIRO – mainly for Science by Email, but has been known to write for other publications.
Science interests: all of it – but particularly chemistry, physics and food.
Likes: tennis, food, reading, travelling | Dislikes: Garden gnomes



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