It’s time for another round of science trivia. This week, we’ve got ancient questions about what happened before the Jurassic, and a puzzler about what meteoroids are.


Congratulations! You’re a real science whiz!

Oh dear! Better brush up before the next quiz!

#1. What does a crepuscular animal do?

Crepuscular animals are most active at twilight, around dawn and dusk.

#2. Which of the following is not an element on the periodic table?

Adamantium is a fictional metal, appearing in Marvel comics.

#3. What is a meteoroid?

A meteoroid is a small lump of rock in space. A meteor is a streak of light from space rock burning up in the atmosphere, and a meteorite is any space rock that’s made it to the ground on the surface of a planet or moon.

#4. Which era came just before the Jurassic?

The Triassic was just before the Jurassic, and it was the first era of dinosaurs.

#5. If you were on Earth 350 million years ago, how many days were in a year then?

Earth used to spin faster than it does now. That means there were more rotations in a year, which means more days in a year!

Was I right?

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