This quiz is all about the seventh continent, a land of ice, penguins and very cold scientists. Can you find the answers to get full marks?

#1. How much of an iceberg is under water?

About 90% of an iceberg’s volume is underwater.

#2. Which country is closest to Antarctica?

Chile is the southernmost country in the world, and it’s quite close to the Antarctic Peninsula, which is the northernmost part of Antarctica!

#3. How tall is an adult emperor penguin?

Emperor penguins are about 1.2 metres high.

#4. What’s the coldest temperature ever recorded in Antarctica?

The coldest temperature recorded in Antarctica was −89.2° C at Vostok station in 1983.

#5. Between 1964 and 1990 there was a 25-fold increase in the number of Deschampsia antarctica found in Antarctica, but what exactly is this species?

Antarctic hair grass, Deschampsia antarctica, is booming due to warming temperatures.

Was I right?


Congratulations! You are a real science whiz!

Oh dear! Better brush up before the next quiz!

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