This quiz will take you on a journey across our planet! So are you an Earth expert, or do you lack this global knowledge?

#1. About 250 million years ago, Earth’s continents were all joined together into one supercontinent. What do we call that supercontinent?

Pangaea is the name for our most recent supercontinent, which broke up into 2 parts – Laurasia and Gondwanaland.

#2. Where is the driest continent on Earth?

Antarctica gets less rain and snow than any other continent.

#3. What’s the highest mountain on Earth?

Mount Everest is the highest mountain on Earth and it’s currently 8,849m tall. Because of continental plates moving, Mount Everest is still growing taller!

#4. CSIRO’s Kennaook/Cape Grim air pollution station collects some of the cleanest air in the world. In which state would you find it?

Kennaook/Cape Grim is on the west coast of Tasmania, and it collects air coming from the Southern Ocean.

#5. Which country has the most forests in the world?

Russia is home to the world’s largest area of forests at 815 million hectares. That’s about 20% of the world’s forests!

Was I right?


Congratulations! You are a real science whiz!

Oh dear! Better brush up before the next quiz!

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