In 2023, Double Helix readers busted a bunch of brainteasers! Here are the tippy-top, most popular puzzles of the year.

First up, let’s form some Friendship circles! Can you solve this tricky network problem? Perhaps you can tackle it with a friend! Did you know that all the names in this brainteaser have a meaning related to friendship?

To make a friend, it’s good to lead with a handshake and say Great to meet you! This popular post has you counting combinations of elated embraces. There are many ways to solve it and you might be surprised by the simplicity of the quickest route.

Next, dive into the ocean with our Regeneration riddle! Get inspired by the real marine biology of sponges, which can regenerate even after being ripped apart by a shark. So, will you sink or swim?

In penultimate place, challenge yourself to an extreme difficulty brainteaser with Divide by this. You may need to factor in some factors as well as prime yourself for prime numbers!

And finally – drum roll please! – our most popular post of the year is Welcome to the dog show! Join some canine friends both large and small at a hypothetical (but definitely adorable) dog show.

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